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Buy-Own-Build (B.O.B)

Our ‘Buy-Own-Build’ (B.O.B) product provides prospective home owners and funding partners a simple and budget friendly approach to owning quality homes and real estate assets.

With as low as a N18,000,000/m2 commitment, you have possession of your property, access to our design models, and associated bill of costs and quantities. We then build for you at your convenience.

We designed this product to be flexible for you, giving you the option of a low financial commitment, and then building in phases based on the availability of bulk funds to commit to your property.

We are your partners in this process, helping you to plan and execute a home acquisition plan which works for you. 

  1. A 3 – year payment plan
  2. Capital appreciation that happens during your purchase period accrues to you
  3. Access to ready – made designs
  4. Access to a professional building team who will work with you according to your plan and timing
  5. Your property sits within a proper estate with managed infrastructure and security
  6. Access to a solid real estate asset
  7. You can sell your option within the 3-year period

For more information about our B.O.B product or to visit our B.O.B projects,call +234 708 594 4272
or email previsteam@previsdevelopments.com


4-bedroom semi-detached house​

3-bedroom Terrace house

4-bedroom Maisonette


‘Plan Your Home’ (PYH) is our product for upwardly mobile professionals planning to develop property for home ownership or investment. While we have existing designs for B.O.B clients, the typical PYH customer wants to have an input into the design of their home or office development.

Our PYH plan is a bespoke process in which we do all the heavy lifting and manage the entire process from design to permitting, procurement and construction, value- engineering your project to give you an affordable, quality asset you can be proud of.

We provide contractor financing to bridge the gaps that may exist within your financing plan and give you a professional team to talk to, saving you the troubles typically associated with self-developed projects, while guaranteeing affordability through a transparent costing and procurement process

  1. A single point of contact for your building project from start to finish
  2. Contractor bridge financing, where applicable, will save you the time and effort of funding your development project
  3. Cost-effective compared to the typical process
  4. We go everywhere so you can focus on what is key to you
  5. Commercial expertise to guide you regarding property investment projects. This includes the provision of market intelligence and ready buyers from within our network
  6. Access to our digital marketing platforms to sell properties that we develop for you
  7. Plan Your Home is available everywhere there is a James Cubitt company so you can stay in Nigeria and plan your home in London